Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Services in Kingston, South West London and North Surrey that can meet all of your individual needs

Carpet is one of the most preferred types of flooring for bedrooms, living rooms and office premises that adds style,comfort and warmth to any residential or commercial property. It makes each room more welcoming and pleasant place to stay and relax in. With so many styles and colours available on the market, it is not difficult to decorate your home or office according to your exact preferences. A carpet could last for years and still look good,  if it’s properly cleaned and maintained.  In order to prolong its life and keep it free of germs and bacteria, except the regular vacuuming, having professional carpet cleaning performed once or twice per year is a must. Professional carpet cleaning will clean in depth the carpet fibres while ensuring the carpet’s durability and will assist in preserving carpet’s original look, lustre and hygiene for a longer period of time.

SG Carpet Cleaning is a carpet cleaning company that offers full professional domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services  of a highest quality to all customers living in Kingston,South West London and North Surrey. We deliver value, excellent customer satisfaction, knowledge and long years of experience in the cleaning industry. If you live in Kingston or any of the areas in South West London and North Surrey, and seek a professional carpet cleaning services, don’t go further, as we are all what you need! Our services are prompt and flexible for your complete convenience. In fact, you can order a specific cleaning service on a monthly, periodically or annually basis or just  a one off carpet clean.

Professional carpet cleaning services at competitive rates!

If you have any questions regarding the carpet cleaning process, we will be more than happy to explain you everything in details from start to finish, so you will know what to expect from us. We perform commercial carpet cleaning, residential carpet cleaning, after tenancy carpet cleaning, office carpet cleaning in Kingston, South West London and North Surrey.

Our carpet cleaning prices are fair and easy for you to understand. We charge a set price for the size of your property or  from £2.50 per square metre for a single room that includes equipment and materials used for carrying out the whole job. Bear in mind that we don’t offer packages with different levels of cleaning but we perform a full carpet cleaning service.Before starting the working process, it is a client’s obligation to make sure that any items or furniture are being moved out.

We would also like to make a note that there is an additional fee for moving heavy items from premises and vacuuming of the whole rooms, if requested by client.

Our competitive rates for spot cleaning and professional carpet cleaning and our friendly and responsible attitude towards each individual needs, make us  one of the most preferred carpet cleaning companies within Kingston and the surrounding areas.

Here is what our standard carpet cleaning services include:

  • Moving light furniture.
  • Vacuuming of the completed area.( There is an additional charge for detailed vacuuming. Please refer to our price list for more information. Bear in mind that the areas should be free of any stuff that could impede the normal flow of work).
  • Removing of specific stains
  • Pile brush for pile lifting with pre-spray
  • Pile re-set
  • Adding deodoriser to the carpet cleaning machine for removing any bad odours.
  • Using sanitiser for cleaning harmful bacteria, pet stains and spills.

Competent staff to meet your expectation
SG Carpet Cleaning works only with cleaners who are trained, vetted and checked. We love working with motivated, experienced and responsible staff that is ready to go the extra mile for our clients.

Professional products for delivering excellent results

We currently use ProChem, Chemspec and other leading manufacturers of cleaning and maintenance products for carpets and fabrics. They are well known for their commitment to a healthier and detergent free environment. Their products are widely recognised to solve any spots and stains in your carpet or upholstery.

Hire of professional carpet cleaning machine

If by chance, you prefer to carry out the carpet cleaning job on your own, we can offer you carpet cleaning machine for hire. Get in touch (link to ‘Contact us’ page) with us for more details.

Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery cleaning services in Kingston that clients can trust and rely on

SG Carpet Cleaning has a vast experience in conducting upholstery cleaning for both private homes and commercial properties in Kingston, South West London and North Surrey.We utilise only the most advanced machinery to ensure improved appearance and extended durability of your furniture. By applying upholstery steam cleaning and upholstery dry cleaning we give your fabrics the best care they could get.

Our team of professional upholstery cleaners can efficiently look after different types of furnishings to provide a clean and healthy environment for your family or staff. We strictly follow the latest standards of the cleaning industry and grant each customer with dedication and enthusiasm to clean and restore their fabrics to the best possible condition.

Our upholstery cleaning service begins with identifying the material your upholstery is made of, its condition and examine any existing stains, so we will know what kind of solvent will be needed to clean your furniture. We can successfully treat simple cottons and delicate items such as satin, silk and leather, and remove any hard spots like coffee and juice spills, pet stains, ink, lipstick, oil, glue and etc.

In the process of work we use wet and dry cleaning methods to remove any harmful bacteria, grit, dirt and dust. They are totally safe and guarantee delicate care of your fabrics. We usually do dry cleaning for cosmetic procedures and steam cleaning for more detailed and comprehensive cleaning. Our  upholstery cleaning service will help you to increase the life of your sofas, chairs, mattresses, curtains, and etc.

Protection and maintenance of your upholstery is what we are best at. SG Carpet Cleaning is happy to say that we have built our outstanding reputation based on so many years of hard work and passion for excellence and customer satisfaction.

We would suggest you not to wait too long, but grab the phone and ask for our upholstery cleaning or carpet cleaning services, and bring back to life your fabrics and carpets. Getting upholstery cleaning will not only make your house looks and smells fresh and clean, but also will prevent from spreading dirt and germs at your home or office.

Benefits of upholstery cleaning services include:

  • Removing dust mites, bacteria and germs located in your furniture, carpets and mattresses
  • Increasing the lifespan of your upholstery and improving their colour and softness
  • Cleaning hard stains such as food, drink, sweat, blood, and so on.
  • Eliminating unpleasant odours and bacteria inducing allergies
  • Maintaining the good appearance of your upholstery, that saves you money from buying new furniture

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Trustworthy Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Kingston, South West London and North Surrey for your business

Having a clean and presentable office is vital for a couple of reasons but the most important of these is the impression you make on your customers and business partners. Just think what others would say if see a dirty and untidy working environment. People who visit your office will accept that as unprofessional attitude by your side towards your business. They will probably ask themselves whether they want to work with a company who doesn’t pay attention to their image and how they are perceived. If you want your business to be successful and gain customer’s trust and loyalty, you should maintain high standards of cleanliness in your building. A welcoming and manned office is another sign of great customer service, so having your business premises clean will suggest that you a trustworthy business partner and know your job well. It is also true that when employees are ensured with warm and tidy working place they are more concentrated and productive.

Considering that issue as one of your top priorities, it is important to choose a cleaning company that will help you to look after your office. This is especially true, if you have carpeted areas in your business premises. Carpets can easily attract soil, dirt, grit and bacteria and can wear out quickly because of the constant use, if not maintained properly. In that case, we highly recommend you paying for commercial carpet cleaning on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. It worths ordering carpet cleaning service as your office will smell always fresh and you will prolong the life of your carpets.

Office carpet cleaning is one of the things that SG Carpet Cleaning is extremely good at. We pride ourselves with the hundreds of jobs done across Kingston, South West London and North Surrey. SG Carpet Cleaning offers also after tenancy carpet cleaning and after building carpet cleaning for private and commercial customers. We use advanced machinery and cleaning products in our daily work, so 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

You can browse through our ‘’About us’’ section and see why you should choose us as your most trusted friend in preserving the perfect appearance of your carpet. Don’t hesitate contact us  if you need professional carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning! Contact us today and take the burden off your shoulders!