Price list

Stares(per wing) £20-£25 aprox. (£2 per step)

Small room


Single bedroom


Double bedroom

Xtra Large bedroom from from £30 (price va.. depending of size)
Landing from    £10
Bathroom, Toilets etc, from £15
Furnished room from       £5 extra per room for moving 

Small rug from    £15
Normal size rug( 2x3m) from   £20
Large rug-from £25
Dinning Chair from

£5 per chair

Armchair from


Two seats sofa from £25
Three seats sofa from    £35
Four seats sofa from   £45

Curtains dry cleaning from £10 per kilo additional charge for hanging start from £5 per Curtain.

The minimum call out charge for upholstery and carpet cleaning is £50. Additional charges apply if we need to collect keys from a third party (£10.00). 

Carpet Cleaning Machine for Hire










Professional carpet cleaning machine:

  • Prochem SX2100(machine, hose 15ft(7m) wand, hand tool)
  • First day £35 per day
  • Additional day £25 per day
  • Add hose £5 (extra 15ft/7m) per day







Air mover £10 per day

Requirements for Hire

  • Deposit £200
  • Photo ID (proof of identify)
  • Proof of address x2 (council tax, gas/electricity bill, bank statement, TV licence, etc.)