Carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Services in Kingston, South West London and North Surrey that can meet all of your individual needs ...

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services in Kingston, South West London and North Surrey that can meet all of your individual needs

Carpet is one of the most preferred types of flooring for bedrooms, living rooms and office premises that adds style, comfort and warmth to any residential or commercial property. It makes each room more welcoming and pleasant place to stay and relax in. With so many styles and colours available on the market, it is not difficult to decorate your home or office according to your exact preferences. A carpet could last for years and still look good,  if it’s properly cleaned and maintained.  In order to prolong its life and keep it free of germs and bacteria, except the regular vacuuming, having professional carpet cleaning performed once or twice per year is a must. Professional carpet cleaning will clean in depth the carpet fibres while ensuring the carpet’s durability and will assist in preserving carpet’s original look, lustre and hygiene for a longer period of time.

SG Carpet Cleaning is a carpet cleaning company that offers full professional domestic and commercial carpet cleaning services of a highest quality to all customers living in Kingston, South West London and North Surrey. We deliver value, excellent customer satisfaction, knowledge and long years of experience in the cleaning industry. If you live in Kingston or any of the areas in South West London and North Surrey, and seek a professional carpet cleaning services, don’t go further, as we are all what you need! Our services are prompt and flexible for your complete convenience. In fact, you can order a specific cleaning service on a monthly, periodically or annually basis or just a one-off carpet clean.

Professional carpet cleaning services at competitive rates!

If you have any questions regarding the carpet cleaning process, we will be more than happy to explain you everything in details from start to finish, so you will know what to expect from us. We perform commercial carpet cleaning, residential carpet cleaning, after tenancy carpet cleaning, office carpet cleaning in Kingston, South West London and North Surrey.

Our carpet cleaning prices are fair and easy for you to understand. Refer to our Price List page for more information

Bear in mind that we don’t offer packages with different levels of cleaning, but we perform a full carpet cleaning service. Before starting the working process, it is a client’s obligation to make sure that any items or furniture are being moved out and the area has been hoovered.

We would also like to make a note that there is an additional fee for moving heavy items from premises and vacuuming of the whole rooms, if requested by client.

Competent staff to meet your expectation

SG Carpet Cleaning works only with cleaners who are trained, vetted and checked. We love working with motivated, experienced and responsible staff that is ready to go the extra mile for our clients.

Professional products for delivering excellent results

We currently use ProChem, Chemspec and other leading manufacturers of cleaning and maintenance products for carpets and fabrics. They are well known for their commitment to a healthier and detergent free environment. Their products are widely recognised to solve any spots and stains in your carpet or upholstery.